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Austin termite control is one of the most important insurances that a homeowner can buy for their property. Having this insurance will put the homeowner at rest and they do not have to worry about putting their house on the market and being told that the property is unsellable because of a termite infestation. One of the reasons that termites pose such a big threat in Central Texas is because of the humidity which is rampant in these parts. Termites and other pests thrive in these damp environments and they are actually able to breed at almost twice the rate in this climate. So with that there is going to be almost double the amount of termites in areas that are damp such as Austin and Leander.

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Dryer climates that you find in the West are not very conducive to termites being able to thrive which are why the problems are not as many. Where I was able to find a wealth of information on termites and their natural habitats was on this Wikipedia Page. Being able to effectively implement termite control is a process that takes a longer time to execute than most people expect. The first step of the process is to fumigate the entire infected portion of the house. Often times this is the entire house. For this the family or business which occupies the building must be evacuated for at least 24 hours. During this time the pest control experts at Accurate Termite and Pest Control which you can read about on their Facebook page are able to come in and smoke out the termites. This is often an interesting site as one will often see literally tons of termites storm out of the walls and huddle up together.

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The fumigation will only kill off around 10 percent of the pests leaving the rest of up to the specialized tablets placed strategically around the house. The termites are drawn to these poisonous tablets which eventually knock out the termite and cause them to suffocate in their sleep.  The only company that I have found in the Austin area that was able to take care of my termite problem is They were very prompt and understood the urgency of my situation as the house appraisers were coming by that very week. They were able to implement their plan and had my house termite free for the inspectors in five short days. It was an amazing feat and their tireless effort was the only reason why it was able to be competed.